Headers & Wire Housings RECEPTACLE 12P DUAL ROW

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Product Category: Headers & Wire Housings
RoHS:  Details
Wire Housings
Receptacle Housings
12 Position
3 mm
2 Row
3 mm
Cable Mount / Free Hanging
Socket (Female)
Micro-Fit 3.0
Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire, Power
- 40 C
+ 105 C
Accessory Type: -
Brand: Molex
Contact Material: -
Contact Type: Socket
Current Rating: 5 A
Flammability Rating: UL 94 V-0
Housing Colour: Black
Housing Gender: Female
Housing Material: Polyester
Product Type: Headers & Wire Housings
Factory Pack Quantity: 1500
Subcategory: Headers & Wire Housings
Part # Aliases: 0430251200
Unit Weight: 1,300 g

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Power Solutions

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Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector System

Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector System is designed to meet the needs for high contact density signal or power connectors. Micro-Fit 3.0 connectors feature a miniature 3mm (0.118") pitch, yet retain many of the features found on larger power connectors and can carry up to 8.5A of current. Molex Micro-Fit products are available in circuit sizes 2 to 24 for single- and dual-row, wire-to-board, and wire-to-wire applications such as computers, work stations, satellites, cellular phones, and a host of consumer products. Molex 46235 Micro-Fit 3.00mm Low Force Terminal offers the same reliability as the standard Micro-Fit products, but with half of the mating / unmating force for applications using large circuit sizes.

Industrial Solutions

Molex Industrial Solutions are designed for the harshest environmental conditions to provide safe and reliable connections. Molex Industrial Solutions also offer protection from contamination, moisture, or vibration.

Image Description
Molex 43030-0038
Headers & Wire Housings MicroFit3.0 CRIMP TERM FEMALE 18AWG
Molex 43045-1209
Headers & Wire Housings 12 CKT R/A SMT HDR
Molex 43045-1200
Headers & Wire Housings MICRO-FIT 3.0 HDR 02X06P RA
Molex 43030-0012
Headers & Wire Housings FEMALE TERM 26-30 gold
Molex 43020-0400
Headers & Wire Housings PLUG PNL MNT 4P DUAL ROW
Molex 43030-0011
Headers & Wire Housings SOCKET 26-30AWG BULK
Molex 43045-1212
Headers & Wire Housings 12 CKT VERT HEADER
Molex 43030-0010
Headers & Wire Housings FEMALE TERM 26-30
Molex 43020-0401
Headers & Wire Housings PLUG FREE HNG 4P DUAL ROW
Molex 43030-0009
Headers & Wire Housings FEMALE TERM 20-24
Image Description
Molex 43025-0800
Headers & Wire Housings RECEPTACLE 8P DUAL ROW
Molex 43025-0600
Headers & Wire Housings RECEPTACLE 6P DUAL ROW
Molex 43025-0400
Headers & Wire Housings RECEPTACLE 4P DUAL ROW
Molex 43030-0007
Headers & Wire Housings FEMALE TERM 20-24
Molex 43025-0200
Headers & Wire Housings RECEPTACLE 2 POS DUAL ROW
Molex 43030-0001 (Cut Strip)
Headers & Wire Housings MF 3.0 TERM 20-24G F Cut Strip of 100
Molex 43645-0300
Headers & Wire Housings RECEPTACLE 3 POS
Molex 43025-1000
Headers & Wire Housings RECEPTACLE 10P DUAL ROW
Molex 43020-1201
Headers & Wire Housings 12CKT PLUG HSG DR
Molex 43025-1600
Headers & Wire Housings RECEPTACLE 16P DUAL ROW