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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Becks is a Machine Learning Lead at AlleyCorp Nord where developers, product designers and ML specialists work alongside clients to bring their AI product dreams to life. In her spare time, she also works with Whale Seeker, another startup using AI to detect whales so that industry and these gentle giants can coexist profitably. She has worked across the spectrum in deep learning and machine learning from investigating novel deep learning methods and applying research directly for solving real world problems to architecting pipelines and platforms to train and deploy AI models in the wild and advising startups on their AI and data strategies.

GPT-3.5 vs. GPT-4: What's the Difference? Becks Simpson
GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 push the boundaries of what is possible with language models. Depending on their specific use cases and product requirements, users could leverage GPT-3.5 for accurate and nuanced language generation or GPT-4 for more complex language generation.

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