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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

David Fambrough is a technical writer for Mouser Electronics. He’s adamant that Lost in Space, Star Trek and James Bond have had a strong role in inspiring innovation and new design.

Technology Whose Name is Mud or a Look at eMTBs David Fambrough
May is National Bike Month. Over 200 years since it first rolled onto the scene, the bicycle continues to be a hub of innovation. Like cars, bikes are going electric. Rather than sticking to the pavement, we venture off-road and explore recent developments with eMTBs as engineers look to fling some mud in the name of technology.

Certain Is Better David Fambrough
Counterfeit components are on the rise. And it’s no laughing matter. Go from pretty sure to certain. Learn where all these fake parts are coming from. How you can avoid them and the bad scenarios these bogus components create for buyers and engineers alike. Grab your favorite snack food and read on.

Wave on Wave, Oceans of Power Reside Out There David Fambrough
Hydropower generation isn’t a new green energy concept, considering we’ve been damming rivers in the US and harnessing its coursing power since the 1800s and in Europe and other places long before that. The world’s oceans, though, contain a huge amount of energy.

Engineering Your Creativity David Fambrough
If you’re like many people I know, inspiration rarely comes when you’re setting at your work desk, staring at a blank wall, or aimlessly exploring cyberspace while looking at your smartphone. Here are some tips to feed your creativity, get un-stuck from mental blocks, and pursue your never-ending quest for ideas.

Flying Ostriches and Other New World Realities Explored David Fambrough
Have you seen the recent Samsung commercial where a curious ostrich suddenly finds itself wearing a Virtual Reality headset solely by accident, and how it is presented with the idea of flight for the first time? Inspired by a new reality, the ostrich runs and flails its wings until one day it magically takes flight. (Yes, many of us TV viewers and the other ostriches watched on in disbelief—captivated.) It’s truly amazing what new worlds of opportunity this technology brings. And it’s not limited to only gaming or enhancing television.

Streets of the Future David Fambrough
Streets of the future will be centered on mobility, not just cars. Bicyclists increasingly become a part of the commuting public, but how will they fit into changing street design, connected infrastructure, and more?

Big Changes Are in the Wind David Fambrough
Not sure of where you live, but in Texas, the wind can be a real force of nature. No, I’m not talking about the times when tornadoes spring out of the clouds, or the occasions when hurricanes decide to visit our southern coastline. I’m talking about this persistent, blustery breeze that sweeps in from the open prairies or up from the Texas Hill Country. And if you’re an avid cyclist like myself, you’re often faced with trying to convert a strong, pushy headwind into a much-appreciated tailwind. (These are the times cyclist envision ourselves as Wild Pecos Bill for however long the wind decides to carry us or simply nudge us along.)

Pumpkins, Open Sky and a Legend or Two, Thrown In David Fambrough
I confess. I’m a channel flipper. Blame it on having an over abundance of channels at my fingertips, or a short attention span. The more strange and odd the program or episode, the more likely I’m to stop and watch. That’s just how my mind works. The other day I stumbled across such a program on the Science Channel – Punkin Chunkin. You had teams lined up on the edge of an open field with their modern day catapults armed with pumpkins.

"The Chip" David Fambrough
Since the beginning of time, man has looked up to the stars and wondered…how can we get there? We did get there, in the summer of 1969 when astronaut Neil Armstrong made one giant leap for mankind. NONE of this would have been possible without the development of both fast and small electronic components that now form the backbone of information and processing technology.

Space, The Harshest Frontier David Fambrough
What makes for a harsh environment? For a person, that’s an inhospitable set of conditions that can cause bodily harm over a period of time. Space is one of the harshest environments you can imagine for human beings – even without monstrous alien predators. Pressure, or the lack of it, temperature, or the lack of it, high-energy particles, and radiation are just not very human-friendly. It’s a cold, dark place that lacks many of the creature comforts of home – like water and air.

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