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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Deborah RayDeborah Ray joined Mouser in early 2017 as Executive Editor of Technical Publications, bringing more than 20 years of experience in technical publishing. As an author, she has coauthored more than 20 computer books, has published a dozen journal articles, and previously authored two nationally syndicated newspaper columns. Deborah spent 11 years as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of TECHWR-L Magazine, the oldest and one of the largest online publications for technical communicators worldwide. As an educator, Deborah has taught graduate courses in technical communication at three universities, as well as undergraduate engineering communications courses, in traditional, online, and broadcast classrooms. She currently serves on the editorial board of directors for IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Deborah Ray
…From our team to your team, we’ve wanted a reason To wish you merry moments this holiday season. To celebrate the successes that you’ve engineered And to tell you, “Stay tuned!” as we look toward next year.

Technical Content Is Blazing New Trails Deborah Ray
On Halloween afternoon, Mouser’s technical content team was hard at work developing the company’s latest technical articles, ezines, blogs, videos, projects, and web pages. A simple observation—and the team discussion that ensued—highlights the many areas of expertise, personalities, and passions that developing technical content requires. What’s more, it underscores how the thriving trend in technical content marketing exemplifies the changing roles and skills required for today’s engineers and technical professionals.

Engineering Career Fairs: Yeah, You Gotta Talk About Yourself Deborah Ray
If you’re like many engineering students, you probably find the idea of attending a career fair to be a bit nerve-racking. Most of us would probably prefer just to lurk at the career fair and land an internship based on our resumes and professor recommendations and maybe a bit of osmosis. Not all of us are comfortable talking about ourselves—much less selling ourselves. As you’ll see, a little planning and practice go a long way in presenting yourself as articulate and cogent, easing those sweaty palms, and standing out as a candidate.

Engineering Career Fairs: Go...And Go Often Deborah Ray
Engineering career fairs are meet-and-greet opportunities that bring together prospective employers and students looking for internships. Many students make the mistake of waiting until they’re ready to apply for internships to attend, but attending early on and throughout your program offers many benefits.

Smurfs and Sea Foam Advance Hurricane Forecasting Deborah Ray
The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) is just one organization that uses reconnaissance aircraft equipped with sensors to gauge hurricane conditions and predict their behavior, including dropsondes, stepped frequency microwave radiometers (SFMRs, also called “smurfs,” which measure radiation emitted from sea foam), and hurricane imaging radiometers (HIRads).

Autonomous Vehicles are Part of History, Too Deborah Ray
Norman Bel Geddes' Futurama prepared visitors for future innovations. One of those visions, the autonomous car, is becoming a reality today.

The Making of Makers Deborah Ray
When it comes to making a Maker, education, mentoring, and big ideas are key. Projects become about the journey of problem solving, and big ideas.

Bluetooth 5 Poised to Take On IIoT Deborah Ray
Several capabilities introduced with the Bluetooth 5.0 spec will enable Bluetooth 5 to meet the demanding communication needs of industrial environments: Increased speed, longer message length, increased bandwidth, ability to coexist with other wireless devices and frequencies, and mesh networking capability.

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