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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Justin is a contributing author who loves to read and write about the advancements of technology and robotics. When not at work, you can find him conquering Risk and Catan or on an adventure with his wife and kids. Last Father's Day he received a #1 dad shirt, so now that's official.

Make it Happen: The Maker Movement Justin Risedorf
“They don’t make things like they used to.” But there may still be some hope; today’s maker movement, helped along by open source hardware, may be able to replenish some of the awe that the Industrial Revolution took from us. Not to disrespect mass production, I’m as much a fan of affordable goods as the next person, but it seems sterile now. Products seem manufactured, not thoughtfully designed and crafted.

Bioenergy Harvesting: Bringing the Search for Alternative Energy to Life Justin Risedorf
Alternative energy has been a buzzword for quite some time, so most of us are aware of planet Earth’s well-known alternative sources like solar panels and windmills. On the horizon now, though, is a wave of energy science that captures energy from living sources. Meaning, quite possibly, your backyard plants could power a Wi-Fi chip and your own beating heart could charge a battery.

Powered On: The Advancements in Portable Power Justin Risedorf
I dread the beep my phone makes when it’s at the end of its charge. Not because I’m uncomfortable without my phone being on at all times, but because, of course, it always seems to die right when I need it most. I’m using my phone’s navigation to drive through some unfamiliar part of town when it’s dark and rainy and I’m almost out of gas and – beep – my phone is about to die.

Save Time with Mouser’s BOM Tool Justin Risedorf
Time is a bizarre thing. We’re always trying to find time, pass time, waste time, etc., etc. So, in respect of your time, Mouser has created a couple cool features to help you save time. Of course, you’re always welcome to spend as much time on as you want to, but we also understand if what you’re after is that sweet feeling of accomplishment you get after checking something off your to-do list, we’d like to help you get there faster. Speaking of lists, anyone who has a list of parts can save a lot of time using Mouser’s BOM Tool.

Work Smarter with Mouser Tools: Project and Cart Sharing Justin Risedorf
Sometimes, sharing is hard. Second graders know it and so do we. That’s why we’ve created Project and Cart Sharing, which are two new features that enable you to collaborate with others more efficiently. When you’re shopping on, you can either add items to your Project Manager or add them directly to your Cart. Though both platforms store the items you need, each serves its own purpose.

Iris Biometric Authentication and Your Car Justin Risedorf
Most drivers develop somewhat of a fondness for their vehicles. It’s not always a deep love affair, but definitely a fondness. Whether or not the particular model they are currently driving is their favorite (the proverbial car or truck of their dreams), they almost always end up having a genuine sense of attachment. That’s a very normal feeling, seeing as most vehicles take a considerable amount of investment of money and time. So, it stands to reason that when someone’s car is stolen, they tend to take it rather personally. It is usually talked about in terms of “feeling violated” and other similar comments.

Lights, Camera, Traffic? Justin Risedorf
The proliferation of vehicle ownership has led to overcrowded roadways and drivers who needed much more than common sense and courtesy to keep everyone safe and accident-free. Along the way, traffic lights became a very important tool for increasing safety on the roads.

From Roomba to Rosie: Getting Closer To the Chore-Free Home of the Future Justin Risedorf
Current household robots are largely one trick ponies. Sure it’s nice to have a dog bowl on wheels quietly move around the room, sucking up whatever the kids brought in on their shoes, but what else can it do? The market is flooded with robots that can vacuum the carpet, mow the lawn or remember to water your plants. Recently, I came across a robot to change your cat litter which would be useless… unless you made the mistake of owning a cat in the first place. Relax… I’m kidding! But I know what you’re thinking, “How long until I get to turn on a humanoid protocol droid that can handle complex tasks, speak my language, and help out around the ole’ moisture farm?” The good news is, sooner than you thought.

Connected Contact Lenses Justin Risedorf
Today, we are a long way from the initial offerings of contact lens technology. Research has taken the industry from small, hard plastic lenses that required a constant flow of lubricating drops (and could pop out when a person blinks), to soft lenses that make it easier for the eye to breathe while being worn.

It's a Bird... It’s a Plane... It’s a Drone Justin Risedorf
Drones are becoming big players in the toy sector, especially as toys are no longer just for young children. LEGO bricks have long been a favorite toy of the young and old, and a company called Brickdrones is now offering kits with the parts necessary to build your very own operational drone from LEGOs.

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