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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Rudy RamosRudy is a member of the Technical Content Marketing team at Mouser Electronics, bringing 35+ years of expertise in advanced electromechanical systems, robotics, pneumatics, vacuum systems, high voltage, semiconductor manufacturing, military hardware, and project management. As a technology subject matter expert, Rudy supports global marketing efforts through his extensive product knowledge and by creating and editing technical content for Mouser's website. Rudy has authored technical articles appearing in engineering websites and holds a BS in Technical Management and an MBA with a concentration in Project Management. Prior to Mouser, Rudy worked for National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments.

New Tech Tuesdays: Renesas' RISC-V MCU: Powering Next-Generation Consumer Products Rudy Ramos
Renesas' new in-house RISC-V MCU, the R9A02G021, emerges as an intriguing choice for design engineers seeking to accelerate product development and innovation in the consumer electronics industry while taking advantage of the full potential of the open standard RISC-V architecture.

New Tech Tuesdays: Genesis of ChatGPT: A Revolutionary AI Chatbot Rudy Ramos
The advent of ChatGPT has marked a pivotal moment in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). As AI chatbots become more sophisticated, expect to see innovative and unexpected applications emerge across many industries and domains.

New Tech Tuesdays: Empowering Independence: The Impact of GNSS on Elder Care Rudy Ramos
Combining sensing and positioning technologies offers tremendous potential for enhancing the autonomy and well-being of elderly individuals. Enter the MIA-M10 series GNSS modules, providing precise positioning, while privacy-centric designs ensure data security and remote monitoring capabilities.

New Tech Tuesdays: TI TPSM82816 DC/DC Power Module: A Miniature Power Solution Rudy Ramos
The TPSM82816 DC/DC step-down power module from Texas Instruments offers designers a power-efficient, reliable alternative to other discrete solutions. For applications requiring high energy efficiency and long battery life, this power module provides a miniaturized power supply solution.

New Tech Tuesdays: Next-Gen VITA 91 Connectors Empower Mission-Critical Applications Rudy Ramos
With advanced features tailored to meet the needs of modern mission-critical applications, Amphenol Aerospace's MIL-HD2 connectors represent the next generation of VITA 91 connectors. These connectors' high density and signal integrity make them an ideal solution for various industries.

New Tech Tuesdays: Heat Pumps: Advancing HVAC Technology Rudy Ramos
Advanced heat pump technology plays a crucial role in building the future of high-performance homes that offer automation and control features that enhance daily life, increase energy efficiency, and improve security.

New Tech Tuesdays: Transitioning Renewable Energy to 1500V with DC/DC Converters Rudy Ramos
As the world seeks sustainable energy solutions, the AE15B-EW and AE15B-UW DC-DC converters from CUI Inc. represent progress and innovation in the solar industry. These components are key to growth in the renewable energy market and the global transition towards cleaner and greener energy sources.

New Tech Tuesdays: Agent-Based AI: Rabbit r1 and the Power of LAMs Rudy Ramos
The rabbit™ r1, a new AI-powered pocket companion, isn't meant to replace smartphones but to complement them. Its emergence reflects a significant change in the app-based operating system paradigm, underscoring the evolving role of AI in consumer technology.

New Tech Tuesdays: Wi-Fi 7: A Leap in Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity Rudy Ramos
The Wi-Fi Alliance® introduced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ on January 8, 2024, bringing powerful new features to boost Wi-Fi performance. These gains are yet to be fully realized, though, as the actual Wi-Fi 7 specification is still in development and is expected to be finalized sometime in 2024.

New Tech Tuesdays: Energy Efficiency in Mega Office Buildings: A Balancing Act Rudy Ramos
Smart building technology has revolutionized the way the largest office buildings in the world manage their energy consumption. However, while these advancements are crucial, they are not a substitute for thorough architectural and engineering planning.

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