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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

New Tech Tuesdays: ADAS Technology Is Riding Positive Trends Tommy Cummings
In this week's New Tech Tuesday, we'll look at new products from Taoglas, STMicroelectronics, and Maxim Integrated that offer ADAS solutions.

IoT Device Monitoring with DIGI DIGI International
Design, manage and remotely monitor your IoT devices from virtually anywhere with DIGI’S ConnectCore 8X Pro Development Kit and Remote Manager software.

Power Amplifier Modules and Their Role in 5G Design Qorvo
With the explosion of 5G, designing radio-frequency power amplifiers has become both more important and more challenging. Qorvo’s power amplifier module solutions balance power, efficiency, size, and cost while simplifying the design process for the user.

New Tech Tuesdays: Three Products to Keep Unified Data Storage Humming Tommy Cummings
In this week's New Tech Tuesday, we'll look at Micron solid-state drives, Amphenol Cables on Demand, and Intel® Silicon Photonics Optical Transceivers for data solutions.

Doing One Better: A Look at 1-Wire Simplicity Analog Devices
This blog discusses an alternative solution for I2C/SPI communication when working with power/IO-constrained systems.

FPGAs: What Are They Good For? Adam Taylor
FPGAs have been around for a long time—offering high-performance, deterministic, and responsive solutions. But what type of applications are best suited to FPGA deployment, and does your application need one?

New Tech Tuesdays: Amphenol Noise-Immune NTC Thermistors Provide EMI Solutions Tommy Cummings
In this week's New Tech Tuesday, we'll look at Amphenol Advanced Sensors Noise Immune NTC Type NKI Thermistors.

The Critical Component in Low Power Products is the Designer Steven Keeping
Low power components have come a long way. But unless the designer knows how to get the best from them, the battery life gains won’t be realized. What is it that the skilled low-power product designer knows that’s news to the rest of us? It comes down to hardware selection, good coding, testing, and sleep.

Securing the Edge in an Insecure World Robin Mitchell
With more than 21 billion IoT devices worldwide and an increased reliance on cloud computing, security is critical. Yet, billions of devices remain vulnerable to attack. How did the industry become so insecure, what is edge computing, and how can it, along with hardware, improve edge device security?

New Tech Tuesdays: How Mesh Networks Can Create Smoother Connections Tommy Cummings
In this week's New Tech Tuesday, we'll look at new products from Silicon Labs, Telink, and Nordic Semiconductor that can be configured into mesh networking projects.

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