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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Battery Safety Circuits Are Essential and Available Littelfuse
The use of lithium-ion batteries in tools, electronics, and renewable energy systems necessitates stringent safety measures and protection against overcharging, short circuits, and thermal issues. Safety standards and protective devices are vital to meeting this need.

Shielding Circuits: Guard Against Surges Littelfuse
Circuit designers have several options for protecting their circuit designs from ESD, transients, overvoltage, and overcurrent surges. Understanding how different protection schemes use other protection devices is key to safeguarding circuits.

Protect Embedded Interfaces with These Clamps and Crowbars Bourns
Protecting interface connections from overvoltage conditions and transient events is more important than ever with the proliferation of embedded electronics. Bourns clamp and crowbar protection is effective at protecting circuit interfaces in silicon and ceramic electronic components.

Bi-curious? Which Direction to Take when Dealing with a TVS Lynnette Reese
Should my TVS be “unidirectional” or “bidirectional”? I had forgotten. Had someone asked me to guess, I would’ve thought it meant that you should apply bidirectional TVS whenever you know the voltage will go above and below ground. This is sort of right, and definitely applies to protecting circuits that experience AC voltage. But “sort of right” isn’t something I am willing to live with, so I checked it out.

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