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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

New Tech Tuesdays: Virtual Reality Is Taking Us to Places We've Never Thought Possible Tommy Cummings
In this week's New Tech Tuesday, we'll look at artificial intelligence-powered devices and sensors from Bosch, Advantech, and Axiomtek.

Virtual Reality Is a Prescription for Healthcare Education Poornima Apte
VR and AR are emerging as complements to a cadaver-only approach in medical education. The tech works in tandem to revolutionize surgical teaching.

How AR and VR Are Reconstructing the Landscape Poornima Apte
AR and VR are two of the many advanced technologies that will work in concert with others, such as cloud-based BIM, AI, and ML, to revolutionize how construction projects are designed and executed. Here’s how AR and VR can help the construction (and manufacturing) industries do more with less.

How the DSM™ Algorithm Delivers Louder, Richer Sound Maxim Integrated
Consumers won’t sacrifice audio performance for form factor—they want both. Maxim’s patented Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM™) technology provides a way to safely drive micro speakers beyond their specified maximum power rating.

Summertime Fun with Virtual Reality Paul Pickering
From clunky ’90s arcade games to Star Wars-themed Disney attractions, virtual reality (VR) has gone from a novelty to a multibillion-dollar industry. Read on for VR summertime fun activities.

Facebook Redefines Time as “Flicks.” Is the World Ready? Jeremy Cook
Some might define “time” as the fourth dimension or, perhaps, as an arbitrary set of numbers that divides each of our days into 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds. Periods of time smaller than the second are generally expressed as fractions of a second, but these small intervals create challenges when trying to sync virtual reality and gaming environments.

The Future Days of Our VR Past Robert Ostrout
Have you ever watched a really bad movie that you couldn't get out of your head? That’s what my first experience using virtual reality was like back in 1995. Rather than being teleported to a virtual reality, I was in a red and black stereoscopic plane struggling through a few games of Mario’s Tennis. Nintendo’s early virtual reality games didn't set the world on fire. They did, however, plant the seed of virtual reality into the mind of the public. Today’s virtual reality delivers on the promise—finally!

Flying Ostriches and Other New World Realities Explored David Fambrough
Have you seen the recent Samsung commercial where a curious ostrich suddenly finds itself wearing a Virtual Reality headset solely by accident, and how it is presented with the idea of flight for the first time? Inspired by a new reality, the ostrich runs and flails its wings until one day it magically takes flight. (Yes, many of us TV viewers and the other ostriches watched on in disbelief—captivated.) It’s truly amazing what new worlds of opportunity this technology brings. And it’s not limited to only gaming or enhancing television.

Sensors for Emerging Technologies Mouser Staff
A new generation of artificial intelligence applications (AI) and virtual reality (VR) is being enabled by the latest sensors.

Pick any reality, and teleport there with VR Mark Patrick
The many reality technologies to pick from let us escape to a virtual or semi-virtual world, but with telehaptics we can get even more jacked in and get as close possible to that ultimate Star Trek geek-out: teleportation.

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