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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

LED Technology and Art - A Greek Geek Perspective Paul Golata

I can’t draw!

I can’t paint!

I can’t make anything with clay besides a sorry-looking snake, and I made one sorry-looking ash tray in my elementary school days.

I have always wanted the gift of being able to produce art.

I am in no way an artist!

I saw this picture on the internet as one of the “photos” of the day, and it grabbed my attention. This artist is using LED technology in his art in an interesting way.


March 11, 2014: Cocooned in neon waves of light, these mummified figures are part of a light painting series by Finnish artist Janne Parviainen. Parviainen, 33, created the futuristic images by wrapping himself from head to toe with a tube of LED lights & using a long exposure camera to trace his body for the cosmic effect. Exposure time can last several minutes, depending on the size of the subject he is tracing. “In my pictures you see a parallel universe which only the camera can capture,” Parviainen said.


I like the picture, but a parallel universe. Come on!


The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC) holds that humans live by art and reasoning (Nicomachean Ethics, Book 1, Chapter 13). Art in Aristotle’s sense is not necessarily our modern understanding. The word Aristotle uses is technê, which is often translated as "art", "craft", or "skill". Technê is the basis from which we get our modern word "technology." Aristotle describes art as an intellectual virtue. Aristotle holds that it is experience that allows man to produce art because art is a unification of experience (Metaphysics, Book 1 - Alpha (Α), 981a) because experience deals with concrete individuals. Art is a product of intuitive reason. Aristotle states that knowing and understanding are what characterizes art in contrast to raw experience (Metaphysics, Book 1 - Alpha (Α), 981a20). Aristotle means by this that art is something at a higher intellectual level than straight experience. It is through the development of the arts that one displays that they have wisdom.



I am involved in technology, so, I guess I am in one sense involved in art.

I am an artist after all!

If you're an engineer, then you are as well!

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Paul Golata joined Mouser Electronics in 2011. As a Senior Technology Specialist, Paul contributes to Mouser’s success through driving strategic leadership, tactical execution, and the overall product-line and marketing directions for advanced technology related products. He provides design engineers with the latest information and trends in electrical engineering by delivering unique and valuable technical content that facilitates and enhances Mouser Electronics as the preferred distributor of choice.

Before joining Mouser Electronics, Paul served in various manufacturing, marketing, and sales related roles for Hughes Aircraft Company, Melles Griot, Piper Jaffray, Balzers Optics, JDSU, and Arrow Electronics. He holds a BSEET from the DeVry Institute of Technology (Chicago, IL); an MBA from Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA); an MDiv w/BL from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Fort Worth, TX); and a PhD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Fort Worth, TX).

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