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New Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial Brings Pac-Man to Life with Tech! Erik Smith

This Sunday when you're watching "the big game", you may be reminded of another retro game. Bud Light has released a preview from their #UpForWhatever campaign that features the largest Pac-Man game ever built! But the classic maze and multicolored ghosts aren't the only thing that's familiar to us, some of the hardware utilized comes from our manufacturer partners!


Each of the four ghosts, Blinky Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, are made with 4000 LEDs controlled by a Parallax P8X32A QuickStart Board for Propeller MCU with a Digi International XBee-PRO® 802.15.4 RF Module. This coupled with the vision-based BlackTrax system embedded in the maze floor gave one lucky stranger the retro challenge of a life time. A long way from the original 8-bit board powered by a Zilog Z80 in 1980.


Don't count the original out, though. Not many people are able to claim a perfect score of 3,333,360 in the arcade classic, a feat requiring the player to consume every pellet, food item, and ghost across 256 levels! Lace up those shoes, random Bud Light dude, you've got a lot of running ahead of you.


 (HT: Parallax)

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Erik is the Social and Multi-Media Manager at Mouser Electronics. When he’s not tweeting about what’s next in the world of engineering for @MouserElec or uploading videos to YouTube, he can typically be found nose-down in a good Sci-Fi book. You can see what he’s up to on Twitter: @ErikSmith80

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