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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

How Wi-Fi 7 Will Transform Gaming Jens Hilgendag
Improving speed, latency, capacity, and reliability, Wi-Fi 7 promises to reduce the lag and connectivity issues that hinder gamers, blur the line between the physical and virtual world, and expand multiplayer experiences.

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality: Environmental Sensors Use Case Ronan Cooney
Environmental sensing technology has enabled indoor air-quality monitoring solutions that track contaminants such as CO2, PM, and VOCs. Designing these systems requires the correct choice of sensor and other considerations to balance the tradeoff between power consumption and performance.

Digital Therapeutics: Freespira’s Unique Approach Simon Thomas
Digital therapeutics, an emerging category within digital health, is poised to significantly impact the future of healthcare. Freespira provides patients with custom hardware and other infrastructure to make digital therapeutic treatment more accessible and improve outcomes for patients.

Matter and SoM Integration: A Game Changer for the Smart Home Adam Taylor
The introduction of the Matter standard allows smart-home IoT-enabled devices from different manufacturers to become interoperable. This blog outlines how designers can implement a Matter SoM-based IoT border router to develop a seamless, interconnected smart-home solution.

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