Adafruit 5.1V/3A Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Adafruit 5.1V/3A Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply is a fast USB-C™ power supply with the right amount of cable length for Pi 4 projects. This power supply operates from 100VAC to 240VAC 50Hz/60Hz input voltage and is compatible with US plugs. The official Raspberry Pi power supply offers 15.3V maximum output power and features a 1.5m 18AWG cable.


  • USB-C output connector
  • Operates at 100VAC to 240VAC (50Hz/60Hz) input voltage and is compatible with US plugs
  • 15.3W output power (maximum)
  • 5.1V/3A DC output
  • 1.5m 18 AWG cable


  • Output
    • +5.1VDC output
    • 3.0A nominal load current, 0A minimum
    • 15.3W maximum power
    • ±5% load regulation
    • ±2% line regulation
    • 120mVp-p ripple and noise
    • 100ms maximum rise time to regulation limits for DC outputs
    • 3000ms maximum turn-on delay at nominal input AC voltage and full load
    • Protections
      • Short circuit
      • Overcurrent
      • Over temperature
    • Efficiency
      • 81% minimum (output current from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%)
      • 72% minimum at 10% load
  • Input
    • Voltage ranges
      • 100VAC to 240VAC rated
      • 96VAC to 264VAC operating
    • 50/60Hz ±3Hz frequency
    • 0.5A maximum current
    • 0.075W maximum power consumption (no load)
  • 0 to +40°C ambient temperature range
  • UL 94V-1 case material
  • Ni-plated brass AC pins
Published: 2019-07-31 | Updated: 2023-05-31