Adafruit STEMMA Wired Tactile Push-Button Pack

Adafruit STEMMA Wired Tactile Push-Button Pack is colorful round tactile button switches that are already assembled onto a PCB. Each switch comes with a candy-colored round cap snapped on and has a pull-up resistor installed. The pack comes with one of each color of caps (blue, white, yellow, red, and black). The pins are normally open (disconnected), and when the button is pressed, they are momentarily closed. Each push-button board comes with a JST-PH 2mm connector and a matching JST PH 3-Pin to male header cable (200mm) to make wiring easy. The user simply plugs the cable in and then uses the black wire to connect to a microcontroller/microcomputer ground. The white wire is connected to the input signal pin. The red wire can be connected to the power pin (3V or 5V) if the user wants to have the pull-up resistor activated.

If the user wants to connect to something with alligator clips, use Adafruit's STEMMA to Gator cable (485-4030). To connect to something with a STEMMA 3-pin connector already, use the Adafruit JST PH 3-pin plug-plug cable (485-4336).

Published: 2020-01-29 | Updated: 2022-03-11