ADLINK Technology USB-2401 Universal Input USB DAQ Module

ADLINK USB-2401 Universal Input USB DAQ Module is a 24-bit, 4-channel simultaneous-sampling universal USB DAQ module. This features built-in signal conditioning circuitry, directly measuring commonly used sensors, including current output transducers, thermocouples, RTD, load cells, and strain gauges. Individual channels can be programmed to measure different signal types.

The USB-powered USB-2401 is equipped with removable screw-down terminals for easy device connectivity, and the included multi-functional stand fully supports desktop, rail, or wall mounting. The USB-2401 is suitable for basic measurement applications requiring high resolution and accuracy, laboratory research and material testing environments, and industrial temperature measurement. U-test, a free ready-to-use testing program, is included to enable the operation or testing of all ADLINK USB DAQ series functions with no programming required.


  • USB 2.0 high-speed
  • USB powered
  • 4-CH simultaneous sampling analog input
  • Built-in signal conditioning for high voltage/current/thermocouple/RTD/strain gauge/load cell measurement
  • Up to 2kS/s analog input rate
  • Removable screw terminal on a module
  • Ready-to-use testing application provided
  • Lockable USB cable for secure connectivity
  • Operating system
    • Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Driver support
    • UD-DASK for Windows
    • DAQPilot for LabVIEW™
Published: 2019-01-31 | Updated: 2023-04-10