AirBorn verSI Open-Pin Field PCB Connectors

AirBorn verSI® PCB Connectors are designed for reliability in high-speed / signal integrity applications. These components provide flexibility in design by offering vertical board-mount, right-angle board-mount, cable I/O, and flex circuit mounting with 40 to 500 contacts. Board-to-board stacking applications are supported by vertical board-mount plugs and mating vertical receptacles. Board spacing ranges from 8mm to 25mm. EMI hoods are available for ruggedness and durability. Bolt-down pads allow for robustness and worry-free mating and unmating. AirBorn verSI connectors feature a range of board termination types, including paste in-hole, through-hole, and compliant pin press-fit technology, which eliminates the need for X-ray inspection.


  • Four points of contact offer superior performance and reliability
  • Versatile product offering, including vertical, right angle, and cable
  • Rugged and EMI shrouds available
  • Low mating forces - less than 40g
  • Contact termination options: press-fit, paste in-hole, through-hole
  • Stack heights available from 8mm to 25mm in 1mm increments
  • Open-pin field design allows for flexibility in termination schemes (single-ended, differential pair, power and ground, or both)
  • 100Ω differential impedance matching with G_S+_S-_G signal layout


Published: 2015-05-08 | Updated: 2023-08-24