Advanced Linear Devices ALD31070x P-Channel EPAD® MOSFET Arrays

Advanced Linear Devices ALD31070x P-Channel EPAD® MOSFET Arrays are high-precision monolithic quad p-channel MOSFET arrays. These MOSFET arrays belong to the EPAD® matched pair MOSFET family. The ALD31070x MOSFET arrays are used for low-voltage and low-power small signal applications with low gate threshold voltages of 0V and -0.2V. These arrays are designed for exceptional matching of electrical device characteristics. Fabricated on the same monolithic chip, the ALD31070x arrays offer excellent temperature tracking characteristics. These MOSFET arrays feature a versatile design for various precision analog applications like current mirrors, matching circuits, and current sources.


  • Precision matched Gate Threshold voltages
  • Sub-threshold voltage operation
  • Nano-power operation
  • Wide dynamic operating current ranges
  • Exponential operating current ranges
  • Matched transconductance and output conductance
  • EPAD® CMOS technology
  • Matched and tracked temperature characteristics
  • Tight lot-to-lot parametric control
  • Positive, zero, and negative VGS(th) tempco bias currents
  • Low input capacitance
  • Low input/output leakage currents
  • 8-pin or 16-pin SOIC or plastic DIP packages


  • 0.5% precision current mirrors and current sources
  • Low Tempco (≤50ppm/°C) current mirrors/sources
  • Energy harvesting circuits
  • Very low voltage analog and digital circuits
  • Backup battery circuits and power failure detectors
  • Precision low-level voltage-clamps
  • Low-level zero-crossing detector
  • Source followers and buffers
  • Precision capacitive probes and sensor interfaces
  • Precision charge detectors and charge integrators
  • Discrete differential amplifier input stage
  • Peak-detectors and level-shifters
  • High-side switches and Sample-and-Hold switches
  • Precision current multipliers
  • Discrete analog switches/multiplexers
  • Discrete voltage comparators


  • Gate threshold voltages [VGS(th)]
    • 0V for ALD310700A/ALD310700
    • -0.2V for ALD310702A/ALD310702
    • -0.4V for ALD310704A/ALD310704
    • -0.8V for ALD310708A/ALD310708
  • Precision offset voltages (VOS)
    • 2mV maximum for ALD310700A, 10mV maximum for ALD310700
    • 2mV maximum for ALD310702A, 10mV maximum for ALD310702
    • 1mV typical for ALD310704A, 2mV typical for ALD310704
    • 1mV typical for ALD310708A, 2mV typical for ALD310708
  • Low minimum operating voltage of less than 0.2V
  • Ultra-low minimum operating current of less than 1nA
  • -8.0V maximum drain-source voltage
  • -8.0V maximum gate-source voltage
  • 80mA maximum operating current
  • 500mW maximum power dissipation
  • Temperatures
    • 0 to +70°C operating range
    • -65°C to +150°C storage range
    • +260°C maximum lead temperature for 10s

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Advanced Linear Devices ALD31070x P-Channel EPAD® MOSFET Arrays
Published: 2018-01-09 | Updated: 2022-07-29