Amphenol Canada M83513 Micro-D Connectors

Amphenol Canada M83513 Micro-D Connectors feature a precision stamped and formed pin contact recessed within the plug insulator. This one-piece contact provides a uniform plating thickness and equally spaced compliant tines with a low mating / unmating force. The contacts offer a gold-over-nickel design. The automated stamping process ensures consistency while eliminating any contact variations. These D-Sub and MIL-Spec connectors provide reliability and exceed the performance specifications of MIL-DTL-83513. Amphenol Canada M83513 Micro-D Connectors are well suited for military, space, and satellite applications, including C4ISR, aircraft, missiles, and various systems.


  • Amphenol design is not like other stamped and formed designs
  • Fully qualified per MIL-DTL-83513 requirements
  • One-piece contact with equally spaced compliant tines
  • Gold over nickel versus gold over copper flash barrier
  • Tighter control over the plating process
  • Uniform plating thickness
  • Automated stamping versus twist process / variations
  • Integrated closed engaging end ensures uniform insertion forces
  • Low mating / unmating force
  • Continuous connection along the length of the contact beam (line contact) versus multi-point connection (point contact)


  • C4ISR
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Military aircraft
  • Missiles and missile defense
  • Ground systems and vehicles
  • Soldier systems
  • Unmanned systems

Product Comparison

Mechanical Drawing - Amphenol Canada M83513 Micro-D Connectors
Published: 2020-04-28 | Updated: 2023-08-14