Amphenol Industrial Helios H4 RADSOK® Solar Connectors

Amphenol Industrial RADSOK® Helios H4 Solar Connectors provide solutions for all segments of the solar electric system while featuring a 52A rating. The H4 connectors provide efficient, low-loss power transfer through precision machined contacts utilizing RADSOK technology. The H4 Series offers high reliability for both thin-film and crystalline silicon technologies. A quick, easy, and safe NEC 2008-compliant locking system with secure snap-lock mating makes the H4 one of the most advanced solar connectors available. The Helios H4 series meets NEC 2008 standards as-is, with no additional components needed. With a 25-year UV and ozone resistance, the connectors meet waterproof IP67 standards and withstand hydrolysis, oil, chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, and extreme temperature. 

Amphenol Industrial H4 Solar Connectors are compatible with one another and ready for field assembly with no small parts. The RoHS-compliant connectors meet UL, TUV, IEC/CEI, NEC, and DIN V standards. The field-installable PV variants accept 8AWG wire, TUV-certified to 1500V, UL approved for use up to 1000V, and meet IEC EN 50521 requirements. The stamped and formed contact option features a wide back cap to accommodate bigger wire for the 1000V rating. This option is ideal for use in large-scale PV installations as well as 1000V PV modules.


  • UL and TUV dual approval
  • Meets all NEC 2008/2011 requirements
  • Quick and easy secure snap-lock mating
  • Long-term UV and ozone resistance
  • Withstands hydrolysis, oil, chemicals, abrasions, corrosion, and extreme temperatures
  • High current rating
  • Low contact resistance means low power loss
  • Ready for field assembly
  • No assembly required, no small parts to lose
  • RoHS compliant



           HelioFuse Specialty Fuse (213001)
        •   Crimping Tool (H4TC0003)
        •   Solar Star Wrench (H4TW0001)
           Solar Junction Box (H4TD04DC)
        •   Dust Caps (H4PM, H4PF)
          Unlocking Tool (H4TU0000)
        •   Ring Tool (H4TR0000)
        •   Strip Tool (H4TS0000)

Published: 2010-06-29 | Updated: 2023-05-09