Amphenol Wilcoxon 787 Accelerometers

Amphenol Wilcoxon 787 Accelerometers are hermetically sealed and provide a sensitivity tolerance of 100mV/g or 500mV/g with ±5% tolerance. These accelerometers and dual-output sensors feature a side-exit connector orientation and an operating temperature range of -50°C or -55°C to +150°C. Amphenol Wilcoxon 787 Accelerometers are manufactured in an approved ISO 9001 facility and come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Dynamic vibration integrated electronics piezoelectric (IEPE) sensor output
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Side-exit connector orientation
  • Part 787F is usable in submerged applications up to 30'
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured in an approved ISO 9001 facility


  • -50°C or -55°C to +120°C operating temperature range
  • 500g vibration limit
  • 5000g shock limit
  • 100Ω max. output impedance
  • 100mV/g or 500mV/g, ±5% sensitivity tolerance
  • Weighs 145g
  • 316L stainless steel case material
Published: 2019-04-16 | Updated: 2023-04-21