ams OSRAM AS5510 Linear Hall Sensors

ams OSRAM AS5510 Linear Hall Sensors feature 10-bit resolution and a simple configuration over an I2C interface. These easy-to-use sensors measure the absolute position of lateral movement of a simple two-pole magnet. The AS5510 series operates in a wide magnetic range and offers high reliability and durability, along with a power-down option when not in use. ams OSRAM AS5510 Linear Hall Sensors are available in a small form factor with WLCSP and SOIC8 packages. Applications include position sensing, servo drive feedback, camera lens control, and closed-loop position control.


  • Simple configuration over the I2C interface
  • 10-bit resolution
  • Contactless position measurement
  • Power-down mode
  • Programmable sensitivity
  • Available in two different packages - WLCSP and SOIC8
  • -30°C to +85°C ambient temperature range


  • Position sensing
  • Servo drive feedback
  • Camera lens control
  • Closed-loop position control

Block Diagram

ams OSRAM AS5510 Linear Hall Sensors


Published: 2016-12-29 | Updated: 2023-04-24