Analog Devices Inc. Evaluation Board for the ADL8104

Analog Devices Inc. Evaluation Board for the ADL8104 consists of a 4-layer printed circuit board (PCB) fabricated from 10mils thick, Rogers 4350B, and Isola 370HR, copper-clad, forming a nominal thickness of 62mils. The RFIN and RFOUT ports on the ADL8104-EVALZ are populated with 3.5mm, female coaxial connectors. The corresponding RF traces have a 50Ω characteristic impedance. The ADL8104-EVALZ is populated with components suitable for use over the entire −40°C to +85°C operating temperature range of the ADL8104. To calibrate board trace losses, a through calibration path is provided between the J1 and J2 connectors. J1 and J2 must be populated with RF connectors to use the through calibration path.


  • 4-layer, Rogers 4350B, and Isola 370HR evaluation board
  • End launch, 3.5mm RF connectors
  • Through calibration path (depopulated)


Analog Devices Inc. Evaluation Board for the ADL8104
Published: 2020-10-27 | Updated: 2022-03-11