Analog Devices Inc. ADMV4420 K Band Downconverter

Analog Devices Inc. ADMV4420 K Band Downconverter is a highly integrated, double-balanced, active mixer with an integrated fractional-N synthesizer. The Analog Devices downconverter is ideal for next-generation K band satellite communications. The RF front-end consists of an integrated RF balun and low noise amplifier (LNA) for an optimal 7dB, single-sideband noise figure while minimizing external components. Additionally, the high dynamic range IF output amplifier provides a nominal conversion gain of 36dB.


  • RF front end with integrated RF balun and LNA
  • Double balanced, active mixer with high dynamic range IF amplifier
  • Fractional-N synthesizer with low phase noise, multicore VCO
  • 5V supply operation with integrated LDO regulators
  • Output P1dB: 7dBm
  • Output IP3: 16dBm
  • Conversion gain: 36dB
  • Noise figure: 7dB
  • RF input frequency range: 16.95GHz to 22.05GHz
  • Internal LO frequency range: 16.75GHz to 21.15GHz
  • IF frequency range: 900MHz to 2500MHz
  • Single-ended 50Ω input impedance and 75Ω IF output impedance
  • Programmable via 4-wire SPI
  • 32-lead, 5×5mm LFCSP


  • Satellite communication
  • Point to point microwave communication

Block diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADMV4420 K Band Downconverter
Published: 2018-12-13 | Updated: 2023-02-14