Analog Devices Inc. ADPD2140 Infrared Light Angle Sensor

Analog Devices ADPD2140 Infrared Light Angle Sensor is an optical sensor that measures the angle of incident infrared light. Light angles calculated from the ADPD2140 response are linear to ±5° within an angular field of view of ±35°. The ADPD2140 has a radiant sensitive area of 0.31mm2. The low junction capacitance and low dark current of the ADPD2140 allows optimal integration with the ADPD1080 photometric front end. The ADPD2140 can be used with a synchronous infrared light source such as a light emitting diode (LED) to detect user hand movements for gesture recognition. The ADPD2140 requires four photodiode channels. Therefore, the ADPD1080BCPZ should be used with the ADPD2140.


  • 2-axis light angle measurement
  • Linear response to the angle of incident light
  • Integrated visible light blocking optical filter
  • No optics required and no need for precise alignment
  • 12.7pF per channel at VR = 0.2V junction capacitance 
  • 1.74pA at VR = 0.2V (all four channels connected in parallel) reverse dark current
  • 8-lead, 2mm × 3mm, 0.65mm height, LFCSP


  • Gesture for user interface control in portable devices
  • Object location tracking
  • Industrial/automation monitoring
  • Angle sensing
  • Proximity sensing
  • Object distance measurement (triangulation)


Functional Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADPD2140 Infrared Light Angle Sensor

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Published: 2018-10-08 | Updated: 2023-09-06