Analog Devices Inc. DC2733A Demo System for the LTC4249

Analog Devices Inc. DC2733A Demo System is designed for the LTC4249. The LTC4249 is a 65V dual Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) that comes with current monitors. The LTC4249 provides dual independent 1.2A, 75mΩ circuit breakers that can function independently or work together in parallel. Each circuit breaker channel has its own enable, ready, and IMON pins. The Analog Devices Inc. DC2733A demo board gives access to both channels of the LTC4249, including the independent RDY and IMON outputs and the EN inputs. Resistors at the IMON pins set the circuit breaker thresholds as well as the IMON current-to-voltage gains. The IC draws power from the IN1 input.


  • Demonstrate dual LTC4249 circuit breaker channels
  • Monitor each channel current with IMON
  • Gang multiple parallel channels for larger currents
  • Convenient onboard pushbutton enable control

Required Equipment

  • DC2733 board
  • Input power supply between 6V and 65V
  • Two 1.2A loads

Board Layout

Mechanical Drawing - Analog Devices Inc. DC2733A Demo System for the LTC4249
Published: 2021-10-29 | Updated: 2022-03-11