Analog Devices Inc. Solar PV Inverter Solutions

Analog Devices Inc. Solar PV Inverters Solutions deliver precise signal measurement and control in energy management products and applications. The Solar PV Inverters Solutions feature high-performance processing technology engineered for robustness and reliability in power networks and next-generation smart grids. 

Through its proven expertise in optimized system-level signal processing and its extensive range of product offerings, Analog Devices provides developers with accurate, reliable, and easy-to-design energy management solutions. These solutions include renewable energy, electrical power transmission, and distribution applications, as well as electric, gas, and metering. 

Analog Devices provides reference designs, demo boards, technical material, and technical support for the energy management solution.

Main Challenges and System Considerations

  • Reduces the dollar per watt system cost
  • Increased grid compliance capability
  • Reduced weight/size through minimization of magnetic and passive components
  • Higher reliability and longer lifetime capability
  • DC arc detection for fire mitigation
  • Minimization of DC injection current onto the AC grid

Solar PV Application Categories

  • Offline solar PV systems
  • Grid-connected solar PV systems
  • Utility-scale 3-phase PV inverters (>100kW)
  • Distributed 1-phase and 3-phase PV string inverters(1kW to 50kW)
  • 1-phase microinverter and DC optimizers (200W to 300W)

Why Choose Analog Devices?

  • Expertise in integrated energy measurement—300 million Analog Devices metrology-based meters have been deployed
  • Industry leadership in next-generation, higher reliability, isolation technology (iCoupler®)
  • 50% of all electrical grid equipment worldwide uses Analog Devices converters
  • Precision measurement of current and voltage through highly accurate converters and amplifiers
  • Solutions enable power networks and smart grids through the use of high-performance processing technology engineered with robustness and reliability
  • System-level, mixed-signal conversion and processing, whole signal chain products optimized for solar PV inverters, reduced time to market, and differentiated end equipment

Signal Chain Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. Solar PV Inverter Solutions


Published: 2017-11-09 | Updated: 2022-05-02