Aptiv GT 280 Connection System

Aptiv (formerly Delphi) GT 280 Connector System features automotive connectors with a 2.8mm blade width and a low connector engage force as well as electrical performance that meets USCAR standards. These connectors provide 5.5mm (unsealed) or 6.5mm (sealed) centerline spacing and 0.35mm2 to 5.0mm2 cable range. They offer current capabilities up to 25A, and resistance of <10mΩ @ 20mV resistance. The Aptiv connectors with silver interface platings pass SAE J2030 heavy-duty electrical connector standards. The GT 280 series is available in both sealed and unsealed versions in cavity variations between 2 way and 16 way. Typical applications include ergonomic connections, commercial vehicles, and marine.


  • Ergonomic connections
    • In-line
    • Device
    • Header
    • Bulkhead
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Marine


  • 0.35mm2 to 5.0mm(sealed and unsealed) cable range
  • Up to 25A current range
  • <10mΩ @ 20mV resistance rating
  • <4.0mV/A voltage drop
  • 2.8mm blade width
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range
Published: 2013-07-11 | Updated: 2022-03-11