B&K Precision Model 9801 Programmable AC Power Source

B&K Precision Model 9801 combines a programmable AC power source and measurement tool in a compact benchtop package. B&K Precision Model 9801 is equipped with powerful features such as list mode, sweep mode, power line disturbance (PLD) simulation, and dimmer output simulation. Other features include an easy-to-read VFD display, user friendly controls and a numeric keypad that allows for easy configurations from the front panel. Standard USB, RS232, and LAN interfaces included on the rear panel provide flexibility for remote operation of the power supply.


  • 300VA, 300V, low distortion, single phase, AC power source delivering a maximum of 3Arms / 12Apeak
  • Output frequency adjustable from 45Hz to 500Hz
  • Select 150V / 300V autoranging or 300V range operation for continuous sweep from 0 to 300V
  • Displays Vrms, Irms, Ipeak, frequency, PF, apparent power, true power, and elapsed output time
  • Adjustable phase angle control
  • Built-in PLD and dimmer simulation
  • Voltage and frequency sweep mode
  • Downloadable LabVIEW driver and softpanel software for remote control
  • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS232, and LAN interfaces
  • Pre-compliance testing for voltage dips and frequency simulation according to IEC61000-4-11 / 4-14 / 4-28


  • TRIACs
  • SCRs
  • Passive components
  • R&D testing
  • Service testing
  • Pre-compliance testing
Published: 2015-04-22 | Updated: 2022-03-11