Bourns TISP61089M P-Gate Overvoltage Protector

Bourns TISP61089M dual forward-conducting buffered p-gate overvoltage protector is designed to protect monolithic SLICs against overvoltages caused by lightning, a.c. power contact, and induction. This Bourns dual voltage-programmable protector features high 70A 5/310 capability and supports voltages down to -155V. It also offers low 5mA gate triggering current and high 150mA holding current. TISP61089M limits voltages that exceed the SLIC supply rail voltage. The parameters of this overvoltage protector are specified to allow equipment compliance with Bellcore GR-1089-CORE, ITU-T K.21 and K.45, and YD/T-950.


  • High 70A 5/310 capability
  • Dual voltage-programmable protector
  • Supports voltages down to -155V
  • Low 5mA max. gate triggering current
  • High 150mA min. holding current
  • Designed for use in SLICs
  • RoHS compliant
Published: 2013-09-26 | Updated: 2022-03-11