Eaton PDM-AMI Multi-Fuse Holders

Eaton PDM-AMI Multi-Fuse Holders feature an IP6k9k enclosure to protect AMI fuses and their spares from harsh environments. The design allows up to four bolt-in style fuses to be connected, providing a sealed solution for higher current (30A to 200A) requirements. Input and output connections are made through ring terminals to protect critical circuits. The inside and outside of the cover can be laser etched to eliminate environmental damage to decals and labels and to help identify critical circuits. Eaton PDM-AMI Multi-Fuse Holders are vibration resistant (SAE J1455), allowing greater flexibility in mounting locations.


  • Sealed, protective cavity for both active and spare fuses
  • Houses up to four fuses in the same package
  • Protects high-current power distribution and circuit protection from high-pressure sprays
  • Allows remote and protected mounting of higher current bolt-in fuses
  • Sealed solution for higher current (30A to 200A) requirements
  • Reduces harness cost and complexity while protecting critical circuits
  • Laser etch marking eliminates environmental damage to decals and labels and helps identify critical circuits
  • Vibration resistance allows greater flexibility in mounting locations
  • UL94 V-0 glass-reinforced PBT housing and cover
  • Tin-plated copper bus bars
  • Zinc-plated steel PEM studs
  • Laser etch-capable cover (inside and out)
  • Single- or dual-input cable terminals (on the four-position fuse holder)


  • High-current power distribution
  • Circuit protection


  • IP6K9KC sealing
  • Meets SAE J1455 vibration testing
  • -40°C to +105°C operating temperature range
  • Ratings: 30A to 200A AMI (SAE Type SF30) fuses; maximum combined current ratings at 135% overcurrent and 105°C
    • PDM-AMI2: 200A
    • PDM-AMI3: 225A
    • PDM-AMI4: 425A
  • Terminations
    • Input and fuse output: M8 stud and Keps nut (washer nut)
  • Torques
    • Mounting: 80in lbs (9.0Nm)
    • Fuse mounting: 40in lbs (4.5Nm)
    • Input: 75in lbs (8.5Nm)
Published: 2020-04-29 | Updated: 2022-03-10