KYOCERA AVX 9155-400 Two-Piece 4.0mm Pitch Battery Connectors

KYOCERA AVX 9155-400 Two-Piece 4.0mm Pitch Battery Connectors differ from most battery or removable module style connectors. These connectors allow the pluggable device to be swiped or connected from either direction. The spring contact offers enhanced contact deflection ranges with a full 1.4mm of travel after contact engagement. This contact design allows the connector to absorb more plastic or housing tolerances, making it more functional and reliable in real-life applications. The fixed pad connector is unique as it replaces the gold plating directly onto PCB pads. Use of this connector elevates the pad surface above the PCB so the gold contacts are close to flush with outside packaging. Also unique to this KYOCERA AVX connector is the angled contact lead-in on both sides, facilitating smooth spring contact engagement from either direction.


  • Proven contact reliability in harsh industrial or medical applications
  • Gold-plated beryllium contact spring contact assures maximum contact reliability and functionality 
  • Increased contact deflection range above existing connectors on the market
  • Beveled lead-in on the pad connector facilitates smooth module engagement from either direction


  • Portable electronics requiring a removable battery
  • Interface for removable/pluggable modules or cartridges
  • Docking cradle for charging and data transfer


  • 5A per contact current rating
  • 125VAC voltage rating
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • old over nickel mating area, pure tin SMT tails contact plating
  • 5000 cycles durability
  • Contact Material
    • Be Cu spring contact
    • Phosphor bronze fixed contact
Published: 2019-05-15 | Updated: 2023-05-23