Atmel / Microchip STK600 AVR® Flash MCU Starter Kit

Atmel / Microchip STK600 AVR® Flash MCU Starter Kit is a complete starter kit and development system for 8-bit and 32-bit AVR Flash microcontrollers. The STK600 Starter Kit features a modular design, using separate Routing Cards and Socket Cards, which route the signals from the device to the appropriate hardware. The Routing Card and Socket Card for a specific device are not included and must be purchased separately.

The system consists of a generic Socket Card, on which the AVR device is inserted, and a device-specific Routing Card, which routes the signals from the socket pins to the different functions on the STK600 Starter Kit Main Board depending on the device. This design simplifies hardware setup when switching from one AVR device to another, since all connections from the device to the motherboard are determined by the Routing Card, a custom board for each device. The routing system is purely passive; no electronic components route the signals, so all I/O pins are directly accessible on the connectors with no altering of the electrical behavior.

The STK600 Starter Kit offers access to all device pins and several useful hardware functions such as pushbuttons, LEDs, and data flash to create a complete system for prototyping and testing new designs. The Atmel Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) lets designers write and compile firmware in either assembly or C language and download the code to the target AVR device.

The Atmel / Microchip Starter Kit Main Board also has an adjustable voltage supply and adjustable clock to the target AVR device. The VCC level and clock frequency can be adjusted on the fly from Atmel Studio, giving designers the ability to test the performance at different voltage levels and clock frequencies with just the click of a button.


  • AVR studio 4/AVR32 studio/AVR studio 5/Atmel studio compatible
  • USB interface to PC for programming and control
  • Powered from USB Bus or from an external 10.0V to 15.0V DC power supply
  • Adjustable target VCC (0.0V to 5.5V)
  • Two adjustable reference voltages with high accuracy (0.0V to 5.0V, 10mV res.)
  • Clock oscillator, adjustable on-the-fly from Atmel studio (0MHz to 50MHz, 0.1% res.)
  • Serial In-System Programming (ISP) of tinyAVR® and megaAVR® devices
  • PDI programming of AVR XMEGA® devices
  • JTAG programming of megaAVR, AVR XMEGA, and AVR UC3 devices
  • aWire programming of AVR UC3 devices
  • ISP and JTAG programming of AVR devices in external target systems
  • Flexible routing card and socket card system for easy mounting of all supported devices
  • Eight push buttons for general use
  • Eight LEDs for general use
  • All AVR I/O ports are easily accessible through pin header connectors
  • Expansion connectors for plug-in modules and prototyping area
  • On-board 4Mb data flash for non-volatile data
  • USB mini-AB (On-The-Go) connector for AVR devices with USB
  • PHY and DSUB-9 connector for RS-232 interface
  • PHY and DSUB-9 connector for CAN Bus
  • PHY and header for LIN Bus
  • Device board with an ATmega2560 AVR microcontroller included

Kit Contents

  • STK600 starter kit evaluation board
  • Cables for STK600:Two 10-wire cables for I/O ports and Parallel mode programming
    • One 6-wire cable for in-system programming
    • Four 2-wire cables for UART and DataFlash connections
  • USB cable
  • DC power cable
  • Device board with an ATmega2560 device
  • Two sets of screws and nuts, and one set of clips

STK600 Socket Cards

Atmel / Microchip STK600 AVR® Flash MCU Starter Kit

STK600 Socket Cards route each pin from the IC socket to separate pins on the spring loaded connectors on the bottom side, facing the routing card.

View STK600 Socket Cards

STK600 Routing Cards

Atmel / Microchip STK600 AVR® Flash MCU Starter Kit

STK600 Routing Cards sit between the Socket Card and the Atmel STK600 Starter Kit Main Board. Each Routing Card has one pair of electric pads underneath to mate with the STK600 spring loaded connector, and one pair of pads on top where the socket card connector connects.

View STK600 Routing Cards

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Atmel / Microchip STK600 AVR® Flash MCU Starter Kit
Published: 2019-03-18 | Updated: 2023-04-27