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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Mirko Bernacchi joined the Italian branch of Mouser Electronics in Assago in 2012 as a Technical Support Specialist. With more than 25 years of experience in electronics, Mirko provides expert technical assistance and support as well as customer service for our Italian office. He worked as a test development engineer at Celestica and Service for Electronic Manufacturing. At IBM he was a Burn-in memory modules test engineer and an Optical transceiver card test engineer, responsible for the installation of new test equipment, production test problem management and supplier interface as well as the introduction of new test routines.

The 21st Century Farm—What Would Old McDonald Think? Mirko Bernacchi
Advances in connected technology have real applications in modern agriculture.

Technology in Healthcare—An Astonishing Opportunity Mirko Bernacchi
Emerging technology continues to make strides in long term heathcare.

Blockchain - Will This Be The Year That It Topples The Conventional Network Model? Mirko Bernacchi
The blockchain model decentralizes transactions that are currently processed in centralized servers, allowing for a peer-to-peer system that becomes difficult to hack.

Fit to Wear: The Industry Concentrate On The Healthy Aspect Of Wearable Technology Mirko Bernacchi
Wearables have yet to find a killer app, but that hasn't stopped creators from exploring and innovating in a variety of fields.

Drones Seek Out New Waters Mirko Bernacchi
Drones have found a wide variety of terrestrial uses, but some significant technical challenges have so far prevented their use in aquatic environments.

Keeping Your Ear To The Ground Mirko Bernacchi
Wearables may not be catching on, but the future seems bright for hearables.

What USB Type-C Means for the Upcoming Generation of Consumer Electronics Mirko Bernacchi
When Apple announced its newest MacBook last year with a single, strange, rounded port, it shocked and puzzled the world. How could a laptop with just one single connection interface be usable, and of all the port types available, why did Apple choose USB Type-C, a format barely off the assembly line, with next to no device support?

Has AI Cracked Human Intuition? Google's AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol Mirko Bernacchi
On the surface, it appears to be among the simplest of games. An austere board marked with a 19 x 19 grid, where two players take turns placing black or white pieces. The rules are brutally simple: capture enemy pieces by surrounding them with your own; capture the most territory to win. But the game of Go has a 2,500 year history, 1,000 years longer than chess, and is a far more complex challenge than that younger game. Until recently, its upper ranks were considered beyond the reach of computers. A machine that could challenge the best players was seen as the holy grail of games-playing artificial intelligence (AI).

Droning On: Four Ways Drones are Being Used Today Mirko Bernacchi
You’ve spotted them flying at the park, you’ve seen the amazing aerial videos they can take. Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are no longer just a military phenomenon but have entered the civilian fray. But while you’ll often see drones being flown just for fun, these days they’re being put to work in useful and increasingly surprising ways.

Haptic Touch – Valuable Feedback or Just a Cheap Buzz? Mirko Bernacchi
Touch technologies have been with us for decades but our experience with them has not always been positive. Often, we’re not sure if the devices we touch have noticed! Even when there’s some visual or audible indication that they’ve registered our intentions, the outcome isn’t always as we expect – false triggering, contact bounce and other interference effects come into play.

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