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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

USB-C for Data and Fast Charging CUI Inc
USB-C connectors are quickly becoming ubiquitous, and with a recent EU mandate requiring their use in chargers and devices, it's clear that USB-C is a game changer. This blog outlines USB Type-C’s unique advantages for powering peripherals or fast-charging devices.

USB Power Delivery Makes Circuit Protection Mandatory Steven Keeping
The additional voltage and current introduced to the popular USB standard by USB-PD multiplies hazards and makes circuit protection essential. But designing protection against all threats can be complex and expensive. Integrated solutions from chip makers simplify the task.

New Touch Encoder Technology Makes User Experience More Intuitive Grayhill Inc
Industrial designers are always looking for ways to improve user interface controls by combining functionalities of rotary switches, pushbuttons, trackballs, potentiometers, and touchscreens. In doing so, they can save on component costs and streamline the user experience. Now, Touch Encoder technology is available that helps modernize and simplify designs, while also making it much easier to support applications with multiple languages or configurations.

Intel® Compute Card: Poised to (Re)Revolutionize Portable Computing Lynnette Reese
Back in 2016, Intel® introduced its Compute Stick, which is a device about the size of a pack of gum that can transform any HDMI display into a small computer. Intel’s upcoming Compute Card is slated to take this concept even further and potentially revolutionize portable computing yet again. With a Compute Card and a docking station, you can take your computer—at least the most important bits—with you, as the Card comes complete with a processor, onboard storage, memory, wireless connectivity, and flexible I/O options.

USB’s Future Builds on Power Delivery (and Still Handles Data) Steven Keeping
The USB spec's emphasis on power delivery has kept it relevant and, with the updates from USB Type-C, current with today's needs.

USB Type-C™ Explained Lynnette Reese
I was intrigued to hear that Benson Leung, a Google engineer working on the Chromebook Pixel, had gone on a one-man crusade to help early adopters of USB Type-C technology (used in the Pixel) to review Type-C cables online to weed out the ones that were not USB Type-C spec compliant. Turns out that this amazing connector that will de-clutter our lives by channeling up to 10 Gbps data and 100W power in one small cable has many not-quite-right cables flooding the market.

Older Forms of Communication are Alive and Well Arden Henderson
Communication workhorses in the industry have been around since the always-underestimated, industrious Neanderthals first used serial and parallel communications to wire up their caves for monitoring fire wood inventories and controlling cave fire pits while the Ice Age raged outside.

When to Knock Off the Knock-Offs... Kelly Casey
One of the duties that falls to us geek-of-the-family types is playing the role of the IT Help Desk for friends and relatives. In my case, I try to maintain my parents’ computer and connections even though they live 600 miles away. Without the ability to just show up when things go wrong, I need bullet-proof solutions.

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